Friday, March 14, 2008

I Love my Doctor

I've been seeing the same primary-care doctor for 15 years, since I graduated from college. He is truly outstanding. He's very thorough, very attentive, extremely funny — and never blames my fat for causing illnesses. In the 15 years I've been going to him, I've probably gained 50 pounds, and yet he never brings up the topic of losing weight. About 5 years ago, my blood pressure was — for the first time in my life — consistently high. And *I* brought up my weight, asking if I should try to lose weight to lower my blood pressure.

Do you know what he said? "It might help, but it might not; there are a lot of skinny people with hypertension, and a lot of fat people without it."

I could have kissed him. (And, eventually, after taking blood pressure meds for a couple of years, my blood pressure went back to normal, so I could stop taking the drugs. That was despite the fact that I *gained,* not lost, weight. So my kick-ass doctor was right!)

Anyway, I saw him today, because I'm fairly sure I have an ulcer, and after the appointment was over and I was driving back to work, it occurred to me how utterly fucking lucky I am to have such a good doctor who truly feels like he's working *with* me, who never ever falls for the "But don't you know FAT IS UNHEALTHY?!?" trap.

I wish everyone could have a doctor like him. We all deserve it.


Thorn said...

Wow, what an awesome doc! He sounds fantastic!

If you haven't already, may I suggest you add him to the Fat-Friendly Health Professionals list? It's not quite the same as making it so everyone can have a doctor as great as yours, but it sure ups the odds! :D

P.S. Good luck with the ulcer business. I had severe gastritis for a long time (sort of a pre-ulcer thing) and it's no fun. You've got my sympathy. :/

Anonymous said...

A lot of doctors have previously said I was probably tired all the time because "I didn't get enough exercise." Like they even knew, they said those things without even asking, just assuming (I'm not very big even so it was especially uncalled for!). I found a doctor now that, crazily enough!, decided to do some tests. Turns out I'm hypothyroid. I could've been exercising a lot and still not been any thinner or have any more energy.

Let's all find doctors that aren't arrogant jerks, shall we? :)

GiniLiz said...

yay! Is this doctor listed on the Fat Friendly Health Professionals list?